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All players must read and understand ALL of the game rules before playing their first matches.We'll do our best to keep this section updated at all times, but in certain circumstances, this may not be possible. In the case of a discrepancy or circumstance not explicitly covered in the rules, decisions made by the Gamecompete Gaming staff will take precedence. Gamecompete reserves the right to make changes to any/all rules as deemed appropriate by Gamecompete at any time in an effort to maintain the spirit of fair play. Gamecompete reserves all rights to bar individuals from play should Gamecompete feel they are not conducive to a fun, fair, and respectful environment. Some of the matches will be shoutcasted on -

REGISTRATION/ELIGIBILITY All players and teams must be registered to the Gamecompete event. To be considered eligible for competitive play, a player must possess ALL of the following: - A Steam account (see VAC Ban policy) - A Discord account (used for communication) A team is only considered eligible if it possesses at least 5 players that satisfy the above criteria.

VAC BAN / GAME BAN POLICY Any player caught cheating in another game will be barred from all Gamecompete competitive play. Any player found with more than one VAC ban/Game ban on a single account or across multiple accounts will be barred from Gamecompete play for an additive period of time correlated to how many VAC bans/Game Bans they have. For example, a player with 2 VAC bans is barred from playing in Gamecompete events for 4 years. A person with 1 VAC ban and 1 Game Ban would be barred from playing in Gamecompete events for 3 years. A player's VAC ban/Game ban is considered only at the START of an event. Should a player become eligible (VAC ban becomes over 2 years since applied or Game Ban becomes over 1 year since applied) mid event, mid season or mid tournament, that player will still be barred from the event but may join the next event, season, or tournament. Any player who is caught trying to evade the VAC ban/Game ban policy will receive an additional 1 year ban.

GENERAL MATCH PROCESS Matches are first to 11 rounds, with 10 round halves. 3mn30seconds each round, 25 seconds capture time of objective. Sides are switched at half. A pistol round will be played to determine starting sides of the match. The starting sides for pistols will be determined via coin toss in Stage 1, and via the map banning process in Stage 2. Pistols are the only firearm permitted during the pistol round. No explosives of any kind are permitted during the pistol round. This includes frag grenades, flash grenades, smoke grenades, etc. Armor is permitted during pistol rounds. Any violation of pistol round gear restrictions will result in a pistol round forfeit for the offending team. For EU vs. NA: Team’s will swap servers at half. The team who picked the map initially will be the host for the first half. At half time, the other team will host the server. Coin toss and pistol round in stage 1 will determine starting region for server. We know that swapping hosts at half time can be annoying but we feel it is the easiest way to maintain competitive fairness with ping differences between Europe and North America.

MAP POOL AND MAP BAN PROCESS Outskirts West Tideway Precinct East Ministry Hideout West Refinery Farmhouse West Summit East Hideout East Banning order will be selected via coin toss. The winner of the coin toss will decide to ban first or second. Teams will take turns banning until one map remains and is picked. The team who did NOT pick the map will choose the starting pistol round sides. Results and Score Reporting Both of the teams are required to take screenshots of the end screen from each half of the match/map. This should clearly show all the players involved and whether or not the team won or lost the game. Team captains MUST also report scores on the Gamecompete event page.

ROSTERS AND SUBSTITUTIONS Matches are 4v4. A team may have up to 2 players on the bench as alternates or substitutions for a maximum roster size of 6. If a team is met with the situation of having less than 4 eligible players from their roster available to play in a given match, there are options. First, a team must have at least 3 eligible players on THEIR roster in game to play the match. A team has the option of playing with 3 if they choose to play a player down. Substitutions may occur after a round is complete, not in the middle of a round - this includes a disconnect. One substitution may be performed per half. A substitution is counted for ANY reason one player leaves and another joins.

SPORTSMANSHIP All members are required to uphold and observe a universal level of sportsmanship. Any unsportsmanlike action which can include, but is not limited to racism, profanity, rude/vulgar acts, abusive remarks, and disrespect of an official are not tolerated. Users who engage in unsportsmanlike conduct are subject to suspension, match forfeits, or any other punishment that Gamecompete deems necessary.

NO SHOWS If the opposing team is not present 15 minutes after the hosting team has created the match in game as well as invited the opposing team, and the previous match of the opposing team has been finished for at least 10 minutes, you have the right to request a default win from the Gamecompete staff. Please try and be accommodating and sportsmanlike. A repeat no show offence, unless due to an emergency or unforeseen circumstance, could result in disqualification from the current event.

TIES In the event of a tie, total kills for each team will be the deciding factor. The team with the most kills wins. MATCH ABORTS If a team aborts a match before it is finished, a win may be granted to the remaining team if the match advanced to a point where the end result can be determined. If your opponent should deliberately leave the match, you MUST report this to the Gamecompete staff. Gamecompete will rule on the situation and grant a win or forfeit as required. Captains can report their team's score.